Welcome from Executive Director Lee-Anne Poole
As we come together to celebrate being able to come together again, I would like to begin by acknowledging that we are in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People. And to acknowledge that those of us who are settlers benefit from their land: as settlers in K’jipuktuk, as well as fringe theatre as a movement originating from Edinburgh 70+ years ago. 

This is my 7th (and final) festival as ED. I had lots of ideas and goals for The Fringe Festival. Some happened, and I’m so proud. Unfortunately, some didn’t happen, and it’s time for me to move on. I think the Fringe Festival is best when it’s constantly pushed with new energy, challenges, and ideas – I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves with new leadership. I’m looking forward to seeing how Sara’s new energy and ideas challenge and grow the festival—feeling the warmth and excitement around announcing Sara as our Incoming Executive Director has been… cont here.

Welcome from Board Chair April Hubbard
2022 is a year full of transition and possibilities! We are finally able to return to full capacity in our venues with masking in place to protect vulnerable audience members like me. Equally meaningful, our artists again have a chance to be paid for the work they put into their performances.

We are also welcoming a new Executive Director as we send Lee-Anne off on her next adventure. Lee-Anne has given so much of herself and her life to the Halifax Fringe. We will miss her wealth of experience, talent for grant writing, patience, and welcoming smile at future Fringes. But there is also excitement for the possibilities that come with the arrival of Sara Graham. She has proven herself as a committed arts worker during these toughcont here.

Welcome from Incoming Executive Director Sara Graham
The Halifax Fringe Festival takes place in Mi’kma’ki, the traditional, unceded territory of the Mi’kmaw people. While this land acknowledgement is entirely symbolic in its nature, I ask you to reflect on the true action and movements happening on this land around us. Please take a moment to reflect on the space you occupy and how we work towards reparations. 

It is a strange feeling to welcome everyone to a festival that simultaneously welcomes me in so many ways—welcoming me to the Halifax Fringe Festival as the new Executive Director but also welcoming me back with care and intent to theatre, and art, connection, and joy. Things that have often felt absent or distant over the last few years.

The magic of The Fringe Festival lies in its ability to bring everyone together. Through an unjuriedcont here.

Welcome from Jeremy Webb
As an artist I first encountered ‘Fringe’ in Edinburgh at the age of 16. It was my first extended stay away from home, my first non-high school play and a 3 week journey of self-discovery, exploration and awakening. So many plays, so many actors, so many beers and so many new experiences. I recall standing on street corners at all hours handing out flyers for our show – there was no internet and social media in 1984! Just trying to get a few bums in seats. We were in love with theatre and we were in a festival of firsts. That spirit remains, for me, each and every Fringe I attend.

I believe it is vitally important that Neptune Theatre, as Nova Scotia’s Regional theatre, support and participate in the Halifax Fringe. Neptune is committed to the Nova Scotia theatre community and to ensuring that we actively participate in the growth and creation of exciting work and exciting artists… cont here.