The Skeleton Dance

Emma and Ella are both determined to die first. Their rivalry brings them through a playful journey, which includes (but is not limited to) skeletons, bubblegum trees, butchers, electrocution, and Peppa Pig.

Who will be first to return to the primordial soup?

This is a show created during our winter dance apprenticeship with Véronique MacKenzie, our teacher, creative leader, and mentor. It originated as a vocal masque for a university assignment prior to the pandemic and has since become a whimsical dance piece.

Emma and Ella are the first two individuals to receive a Certificate in Dance and Movement from Dalhousie University. Special thanks to Susan Stackhouse for her vocal coaching, and for the original artistic prompt in 2020.

With creative facilitation by Véronique MacKenzie

By Ella MacDonald and Emma James

Run time 15 minutes
The Bus Stop Theatre
E for Everyone (Comic Mischief)


  • Sept. 6th – 2pm 
  • Sept. 6th – 7pm
  • Sept 7th – 9pm

Due to COVID-19 safely and hugely limited capacities they are PRE-SALE ONLY. Some venue capacity is as small as 20 seats. We highly recommend (in fact, we insist) you book early and ideally in bubbles.

The Bus Stop Theatre
2203 Gottingen Street