The Extinction of Hong Kongers: A Screening (Summerworks Festival 2018 Version)

It is 2017, 20 years after the UK handed Hong Kong sovereignty over to China. In a long-lasting see-saw battle between Hong Kong’s democrats and communist China, Hong Kong’s local culture is being slowly eroded day by day. Theatre du Poulet re-creates the historical city of Hong Kong in miniature, using puppets made of recycled materials to show you how Hong Kong will be threatened, destroyed, and finally, extinct.

By Theatre du Poulet

Neptune Theatre’s Scotiabank Stage

Sunday, September 12th – 7:00 PM

Due to COVID-19 safely and hugely limited capacities they are PRE-SALE ONLY. Some venue capacity is as small as 20 seats. We highly recommend (in fact, we insist) you book early and ideally in bubbles.

Neptune Theatre’s Scotiabank Stage
1593 Argyle Street