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“Hard Cheese” is British slang for bad luck—which is exactly how Carly feels about finding love. But in a swipe-and-ping world, can a 37-year-old writer meet her match at an in-person mixer? Featuring characters inspired by the playwright’s real romantic history, HARD CHEESE proves that speed dating can be a slow burn.

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Hey Monkey

Radio disk jockeys, phone calls, apples and a monkey feature heavily in this audio drama / movement piece hybrid from Lions Den Theatre (The Shadow, Ah Hell, Yellow Wallpaper.)  Eddie (Colleen MacIsaac) wakes up to find a monkey in the house…. what to do, what to do.

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Hutch In Halifax

Queer comedic performer and fringe veteran Paul Hutcheson is excited to be making his Halifax debut! “Comparable to Jim Carrey, only not obnoxious.”-CBC “The geeky sex appeal is there, trust me.”-X-tra, *****-Uptown Magazine, Planet S, The Hour.

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The Immaculate Big Bang

Sparked by the death of his father and birth of his daughter, Comedian Bill Santiago goes in search of answers and laughs at the border of science and religion, exploring the comic nature of the cosmic quest for understanding existence, life and death (not necessarily in that order). ​

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International Waters

Welcome to “The Best Little Horror-House in Texas”: the Maritimes’ 14th Favourite Haunted House – now open all year round! When Lizzy Godiva gets hired at this bizarre tourist trap, she has no idea that she’ll 1) become the unwitting target of a local serial killer, 2) take it upon herself to bring them to justice, or 3) be working with the weirdest group of oddballs this side of the harbour.

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Knight of the Bat

“Holy Parody!” By night, Londontown’s favourite playwright/playboy Will Shakespeare dons the mantle of the Cloaked Crusader: the fearsome Knight of the Bat. When faced with an apocalyptic ultimatum, Sir Bat and his squire Robin Goodfellow must square off against an entire gallery of rogues in a race against time.

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Knitting and Other Life Hacks

An out of work actor takes his wife and her lover hostage at another persons fringe show. He decides to put on a one man show there that will finally validate his point of view not realizing that there are three others in the same room. The result is a madcap farce and tragedy in this immersive/theatrical experience.

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Land of Change

This aerial circus theatre explores the evolution and threat to our planet through the rise of humanity.  The buzzing Bees fly in unity. The animals scurry and flip through the forest. The tree spirits rise as the humans make new roots in the Land. Who lives here? This family friendly circus theatre performance will wow you with high flying tricks & fun as we learn to grow while respecting the Land.

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Live, Laugh, Lipsynch

I LIVE… Laugh, Lipsynch is the show for basic b’s by basic b’s. So, join Brooke Rivers,Trinity Foxx & Hunni Kruller as the wheel of Destiny (‘s Child) decides whether they ‘LIVE’, ‘LAUGH’, or ‘LIPSNYCH’. At random and in a different order each night these queens will need to share real life stories, make you LOL with sickening comedy and make you SCREAM with iconic lip syncs. 

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Lost Light

What is Lost Light? No one knows, not even the writer, but with a performance deadline fast approaching, the writer, alongside their inner narrations, must turn to the Lost Light. A play written during the beginning of the pandemic, a play that has been re-written countless times. Is it meta? Is it emotional? Is it good? Is it Ed Wood meets Orson Welles? Is it heavy metal meets house and garden? Is it dark, gothic, and disgustingly decadent? Is it the trials and sorrows of art? Perhaps. Beyond good, beyond evil, beyond your wildest imagination. It is the Lost Light.

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