Shows By Venue: Neptune Theatre’s Imperial Room

Neptune Theatre’s Imperial Room
Neptune Theatre
1593 Argyle Street


Falling in love is confusing at the best of times — and when you’re trying to navigate it as a gay woman, it can feel downright impossible. Sometimes, you just have to take the plunge. “i miss her laugh | i miss making her | laugh | i miss the way her eyes lit up | and her face | split in two so wide i thought | it would shatter”. Told through a series of flashbacks and old letters, ‘Deeper’ takes us to an underwater world full of life, love, and loss; guided by three queer women in mid-80s and 90s Newfoundland.

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Doctor Clarence Saves the World with Science! A Practical Guide

With income inequality, geopolitical instability, and climate change sadly being the standard for the 21st century, many are worried that things will only get worse from here. Worry no more: the world’s premier* fringe academic has a plan, and he’s a doctor! But Clarence isn’t one of those fancy-schmancy ivy-league doctors who works at Dalhousie; he’s a working-class doctor who is just as smart! More importantly, Doctor Clarence has the same gift that inspired the genius of Einstein and Da Vinci. This is a tool more powerful than empirical evidence or tireless effort: imagination! Watch and learn as he brings his classroom to the stage, and presents his revolutionary fringe theory that’ll solve all the world’s problems!

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The Fantastic One

A man struggling with identity reports on forcing himself to love a fictional character chosen arbitrarily, The Thing from Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four, to reach the core of his true self. He will either become totally satisfied as “Fan of The Thing”, or find ultimate sublimation once he can completely answer why loving The Thing isn’t enough to escape alienation. Electric banjo parodies of hit songs explore addiction, technology and love in Canada in the 21st century.

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Moe’s Improv Game Show

We are Moe. Moe is improv. This is Moe’s Game Show with friends.

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A Comedy Special by Genevieve Jones

Spice Girls, Period Blood, and the Titanic. In this short and sweet comedy special, Genevieve Jones tackles her inner fears about motherhood, modern dating culture, and how her baby shark entered this world.

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Musings of a mad woman

A series of comedic and hard truth that I’ve noticed we’re experienced as a person with a disability

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Singlejoy by Karina Milech is an autobiographical tale that explores the concept of being single in a Modern Orthodox Jewish family. Grape Juice and “Challah” bread are served as Milech guides the audience through a traditional Sabbath dinner. Milech will have you saying “LeChayim” – “To Life!” as she delves into her history with relationships while highlighting her religious upbringing. The show is a beautifully orchestrated love letter to the universal themes of family and identity that we all struggle with. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll laugh again! *Gluten free options available*

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