Shows By Venue: AGNS Lecture Theatre

Windsor Foundation Lecture Theatre
The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
1728 Bedford Row

Blockbuster Guy

Mark Levy grew up as an outcast and became a movie nerd. So much so that he worked at Blockbuster Video in college in small town Florida. Experience the highs and lows of choosing escapism and DVDs and what movies can do to someone in this hilarious new storytelling show.

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Booby Trap

Booby Trap is the story of star crossed lovers: two breasts that find themselves on the body of a man. Follow these cutie boobies as they recon with their misshapen existence and search for true love against all odds! 

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Comedy Night with Abdul Ali & Jeremiah Ukponrefe

Standup comedians Abdul Ali & Jeremiah Ukponrefe bring big laughs to The Halifax Fringe Festival with tales of small town bars, the merits of making a poor kids grilled cheese sandwich, and turtles.

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Knitting and Other Life Hacks

An out of work actor takes his wife and her lover hostage at another persons fringe show. He decides to put on a one man show there that will finally validate his point of view not realizing that there are three others in the same room. The result is a madcap farce and tragedy in this immersive/theatrical experience.

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Lost Light

What is Lost Light? No one knows, not even the writer, but with a performance deadline fast approaching, the writer, alongside their inner narrations, must turn to the Lost Light. A play written during the beginning of the pandemic, a play that has been re-written countless times. Is it meta? Is it emotional? Is it good? Is it Ed Wood meets Orson Welles? Is it heavy metal meets house and garden? Is it dark, gothic, and disgustingly decadent? Is it the trials and sorrows of art? Perhaps. Beyond good, beyond evil, beyond your wildest imagination. It is the Lost Light.

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Meet Jamie. She is an alcoholic. She is a survivor. And she is haunted by an unfathomable darkness. In tonight’s meeting, it is Jamie’s turn to speak. We all have reasons we drink, but some reasons are more terrifying than others. Horror/Storytelling. WINNER “Best Dramatic Performer”, Pittsburgh Fringe Festival, Thornhill Fringe UK WINNER Best Solo Show Drama, Orlando International Fringe Festival “…fans of Stephen King, David Lynch and H.P. Lovecraft will find plenty to sink their canines into.” –Seth Kubersky, Orlando Weekly.

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Technical Difficulties

From the creator of Firebird: the Musical comes Technical Difficulties, a one-woman mini-musical comedy. Annie explores her relationship to technology through short songs, grappling with technology, perfectionism, availability and social conventions. Wasn’t technology supposed to make life easier and more entertaining?

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Totally Nude Male

Two life long friends and actors relive the imagined glory of their 2021 Halifax Fringe Festival show, and get together to conceive a new submission for the 2022 festival. They explore any and all angles to try and pique interest in their production, and finally decide that a totally nude male would be just the ticket… Until it isn’t. Hilarity ensues.

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