Shows: A-G

Are You Madeline?


Are You Madeline? is a play about making peace with the past before it’s too late. John is a 69 year old man experiencing the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. Stella, his wife of 45 years, is determined to see him through his journey, and to help him touch base with a person he remembers from his distant past, a mysterious woman named Madeline.

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Dangerous Lies


“I’m not racist, but…” Dangerous Lies is an honest and suspenseful true story about growing up as a visible minority post 9/11. Award-winning performer and mind-reader Tabraze Sheikh takes the audience on an intimate and interactive journey of discovering his place in the world, while facing the dangerous lies society thrusted upon him.

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The Extinction of Hong Kongers: A Screening (Summerworks Festival 2018 Version)


It is 2017, 20 years after the UK handed Hong Kong sovereignty over to China. In a long-lasting see-saw battle between Hong Kong’s democrats and communist China, Hong Kong’s local culture is being slowly eroded day by day.

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A Dramatic Staging …


There may only be 365 days in a calendar year, but packed within each and every year are thousands of days of celebration. Come listen to the strange journey of one person who set out to celebrate and discover more than twenty-two hundred unofficial holidays…

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Driftwood Treehouse


Join James and his brother Will on their treetop adventure with Captain Greybeard as they attempt to break an evil curse and restore their childhood friendship.

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Falling Awake


Are you a human who occasionally enters a comatose state at spaced out intervals throughout your existence; also known to some as sleep? Well, even if you don’t, this play is for you!

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Gay Garbage


Gay Garbage is solo sketch comedy show written and performed by Canadian Comedy Award Winner Tom Hearn. Gay Garbage is an ode to queerness featuring BITING satire, original characters and impressions, musical performances that will leave you gagging…

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