Meet the Executive Director

Halifax Fringe Festival is proud to announce Sara Graham as the acting Executive Director since 2023!

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Sara (she/they) is a deaf and disabled comedian, activist, improviser, and workshop educator. Sara uses her work to advocate for wholeness in accessibility. Sara’s goal is to create art and spaces that acknowledge and address the need for inclusivity and accessibility, making her a perfect fit for Fringe! 

Sara’s body of work in recent years, especially during the pandemic, is proof that they share the goals of the Halifax Fringe. These last few years have been hugely challenging for theatre and all live events. In just this time, Sara has collaborated with Halifax Pride, Eastern Front Theatre, Matchstick Theatre, Keep good Theatre, Villains Theatre, and Mayworks Festival. Through their work, Sara hopes to create theatre, art, and creative spaces that are radically accessible.

“Accessibility and the prioritization of equity seeking artists’ work has always been the heart of  what I do and at the heart of The Halifax Fringe Festival. Fringe is so much more than a theatre festival. It’s an event that builds community for so many of us who do not fit in a ‘traditional artist’ narrative. Fringe is at the forefront of theatre development. I am excited to be able to learn, grow, and develop along with the festival.”

said the incoming Executive Director

“The search committee received several strong applications, and we were fortunate to have so much interest. I am excited to watch the many ways that Sara will strengthen our community and will continue to create a space where everyone is heard and respected. Sara’s commitment to her community, advocating for their needs, and their dedication to social justice are gifts that she brings to the Halifax Fringe!” 

said Board Chair April Hubbard

The Halifax Fringe Festival is an uncensored theatre/performing arts festival. Each year, The festival is 11 days, with over 55 productions, performing over 350 individual performances! The Halifax Fringe Festival celebrates its 32nd Annual event this September 1st to 11th.

A Welcome to the 2022 Halifax Fringe Festival!

The Halifax Fringe Festival takes place in Mi’kma’ki, the traditional, unceded territory of the Mi’kmaw people. While this land acknowledgement is entirely symbolic in its nature, I ask you to reflect on the true action and movements happening on this land around us. Please take a moment to reflect on the space you occupy and how we work towards reparations. 

It is a strange feeling to welcome everyone to a festival that simultaneously welcomes me in so many ways—welcoming me to the Halifax Fringe Festival as the new Executive Director but also welcoming me back with care and intent to theatre, and art, connection, and joy. Things that have often felt absent or distant over the last few years.

The magic of The Fringe Festival lies in its ability to bring everyone together. Through an unjuried process, artists can feel included and put art on stage in a way that is accessible for them. Through accessible ticket pricing, audiences can see more shows than they can even dream of. There is so much beauty in the ability to create and take in art in a way that works best for you. The Fringe Festival is a special place to experience intent, care, connection, and joy while taking in art and theatre. Take advantage of that. Experience as much as you are able while you share this space!

The Halifax Fringe Festival’s choice to remain with masked events this year shows care and community for all who want to access our shared spaces. Thank you for your continued care of our communities by enthusiastically embracing this policy. 

While we continue through the festival and find moments of joy, care, intent, art and connection together, I encourage you to take that with you into the world. Share more moments like these with those around you. So please come say hi over these next couple of weeks. I would love to share one of these moments with you and take it into the world with me. 

With overwhelming love and appreciation,

Sara Graham
Incoming Executive Director

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