I Love How They Love the Sun

For some people there is a reverence for the bald eagle.  

It is special amongst the creatures of earth, and commands respect. 

Bad birds.

That’s what you heard from another people, back when lessons were transmitted by mouth. From the greats to the grands, to the mothers and fathers, was this tale that was told to the young sons and daughters: those bald eagles were some bad bad birds. 

By Troy Ginter

Run Time 60 minutes

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (Bedford Row entrance)
Creepy Thriller / Reading In Development
Mature audiences only

  • Sept. 2th – 7pm
  • Sept 4th – 7pm

Due to COVID-19 safely and hugely limited capacities they are PRE-SALE ONLY. Some venue capacity is as small as 20 seats. We highly recommend (in fact, we insist) you book early and ideally in bubbles.

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Lecture Theatre
1728 Bedford Row