We’re Hiring

Halifax Fringe Festival is seeking a new Executive Director!

Application Deadline: Friday, July 8th
Position Start Date: Negotiable. Onboarding starting Aug 2022
Contract Type: Year-Round, Full Time, Flexible Hours
Salary: $35,000 annually

Current ED, Lee-Anne Poole, will produce her 7th and final Fringe Festival this September 1st to 11th, 2022. “I love the Fringe, and I’m excited to return to being a Fringe Festival artist and audience member,” before becoming the ED, Poole produced four of her original plays at The Fringe. Now she’s leaving the 32-year-old festival to refocus on her own creative pursuits, and The Halifax Fringe is looking for a new leader. April Hubbard (Board Chair), “We can never do enough to properly thank Lee-Anne but we will be cheering her on in her future dreams. I know the new ED will benefit from the groundwork she has laid and take Halifax Fringe to worlds we never imagined possible seven years ago.”

What is Halifax Fringe?

Fringe brings together outsiders and gives them a place to explore and experiment in a safe and supportive environment.

The Halifax Fringe Festival is an annual uncensored theatre / performing arts festival. Each year, the festival is 11 days, with over 55 productions, performing over 350 individual performances! We are a non-profit association located in Kjipuktuk (Halifax). September 1st to 11th 2022 will mark our 32nd festival.

What the Executive Director is to the Halifax Fringe:

The Executive Director will oversee all aspects of the organization’s operations, involving the planning, administration, funding, logistics, and execution of the Halifax Fringe Festival. They will be a passionate leader dedicated to the organization’s mission of creating an accessible space for everyone to express themselves through performance. The ED reports directly to the Halifax Fringe Festival’s Board of Directors, and will be tasked with delegating all responsibilities required to produce the festival. They will also be responsible for programming workshops and educational opportunities that maintain the Fringe’s role as an organization that reflects the needs and desires of our arts community, while challenging its members to grow and develop.

We are looking for someone who…

  • Has a desire to champion the priorities, vision, and mandate of Halifax Fringe and the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF).
  • Is excited to build the Fringe Festival as a safe, fair, encouraging, and dynamic workplace.
  • Is able to confidently represent Fringe at industry events and within the theatre community.
  • Has the confidence to challenge the status quo and encourage others to rethink the way they interact with the arts community.
  • Is able to manage hectic and overlapping schedules in the short term and long term.
  • Has lived experience working or living in the underrepresented arts community.
  • Has the ability to build connections and collaborations with a variety of community members.
  • Has a willingness to continuously learn and grow on the job.
  • Has strong communication skills.

What specific responsibilities are expected of the Executive Director?

Programming & Festival Planning:

  • Oversee all aspects of coordinating the festival, aiming to forecast and continuously build on the needs of the festival throughout the year, leading up to the festival week in September.
  • Writing and disseminating annual applications for artists, including an Early Bird launch event, and application deadline.
  • Handling all logistics related to programming and executing the festival, with a priority on close communication with artists and staff.
  • Marketing the Festival’s activities to key stakeholders and the public.
  • Promoting Fringe Festival artists, staff, and the Festival itself throughout the year.

Budgeting & Financial Development:

  • Ensuring the financial sustainability of the organization, including grant writing/reporting, fundraising, development strategies, financial reporting, & drafting budgets.
  • Managing and directing the organization’s budget, including oversight and compliance with all funding arrangements.
  • Forecasting the cash flow of the organization throughout the year to maintain a healthy budget and healthy festival.
  • Developing fundraising and development strategies
  • Cultivating and developing relationships with key external stakeholders and sponsors, including the international fringe touring circuit, government, corporate and community partners

Organizational Management:

  • Hiring and managing seasonal staff (Technical Director, Volunteer Coordinator, and Box Office Manager,) as well as Fringe Festival volunteers.
  • Facilitating a productive and healthy work environment for all contract staff to establish and achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.
  • Communicate with and delegate work to Board Members throughout the year
  • Representing Fringe at industry events and within the theatre community.
  • Hold the largest responsibility for ensuring the safety of the festival for all attending artists, audiences, staff, and volunteers.
  • Prioritizing accessibility and inclusion in all stages of the Fringe Festival process. From applications to staging to audience.

Compensation and Timeline

The Executive Director position with the Halifax Fringe Festival is a year-round full time salaried position, with a flexible working schedule.

The Executive Director will be paid as a contractor of the Halifax Fringe in the amount of $35,000 annually. As a contract position, there are no benefits or paid vacation.

We ask the Executive Director to plan for an average of 32 hours each week, but they will be able to set their own hours in response to the organization’s needs. Certain weeks will require a greater time commitment when deadlines are approaching, and it will be the ED’s responsibility to allocate their time and plan ahead to ensure that they are available during busy periods, and are resting when there is less work. Weekends are required during the festival and other special events. The Executive Director is welcome to create a schedule around critical programming times that provides additional time off.

Halifax Fringe encourages a healthy work/life balance for its employees, and embraces the concept of crip-time (understanding we each require varying amounts of time to accomplish a given goal and that some bodies require more rest between tasks). The board will support the new ED to find an approach to meet the targets in a way that best serves your needs.

The Executive Director will be asked to work remotely throughout the majority of the year, but must be present in Kjipuktuk (Halifax) from Aug 1st to Sept 15th in order to oversee the management of the festival.

The successful candidate will begin onboarding with our outgoing ED Lee-Anne Poole in summer of 2022.

How to Apply

Please submit a current CV, a Cover Letter, and two references to board@halifaxfringe.ca

The deadline to apply is Friday, July 8th, 2022

Halifax Fringe understands that lived experience can be as valuable as certifications. If you have an interest in this position and believe you could be an asset to the organization, please apply and tell us about your strengths in your cover letter!

We recognize the over-representation of white, cisgender, able-bodied voices in theatre. Halifax Fringe prioritizes the contributions and perspectives that individuals from underrepresented communities bring to our festival, we strongly encourage applicants to self-identify in their cover letter.

We prioritize creating a work environment that is supportive for all Halifax Fringe employees and considers their access needs. Please reach out at any point during the application process if you would like assistance.