Fringe First!

TikTok Duets with GaRRy Williams

We miss signing together! It’s become a Halifax Fringe tradition to get together and Sing-Along Show Tunez with GaRRy Williams. This year we’re moving it over to TikTok! Find us, duet us, and sing-along!

Teen Zines with Colleen!

What is a zine? Short for ‘magazine’, zines are a great way to express yourself! Learn how to make two different kinds of tiny books with simple materials, to use for comics, stories, poems, art, collages – anything you can think of! Colleen’s video will be available as of September 23rd on Fringe’s social media!Continue reading “Teen Zines with Colleen!”

A Tale on Two Wheels

A Tale on Two Wheels is a free, outdoor performance for kids and families delivered by tandem bike around Halifax. Come and join the adventure of two slightly lost postal workers, a giant monarch butterfly, and their mountain of packages. It’s a journey filled with music, whimsy, and fun! Gale Force Theatre is excited toContinue reading “A Tale on Two Wheels”

Fringe First!

You are never too young to fringe! For the 30th Anniversary of the Halifax Fringe Festival, we’re announcing a lineup of ‘Fringe First’ programming! Education and play for children, youth, and emerging artists. You’ll see Fringe Festival events and presentations aimed at young artists ranging from ages 4 to 18, and covering a wide range of artistic disciplines. And! Our entire lineup of Fringe First events are entirely free and open to the public, providing accessible programming to inspire creativity and play for toddlers to teens. With Fringe First, we hope to ignite the love of art for all ages, provide skills to those ready to learn, and create meaningful relationships with the artists of tomorrow!


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