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TikTok Duets with GaRRy Williams

We miss signing together! It’s become a Halifax Fringe tradition to get together and Sing-Along Show Tunez with GaRRy Williams. This year we’re moving it over to TikTok! Find us, duet us, and sing-along!

Teen Zines with Colleen!

What is a zine? Short for ‘magazine’, zines are a great way to express yourself! Learn how to make two different kinds of tiny books with simple materials, to use for comics, stories, poems, art, collages – anything you can think of! Colleen’s video will be available as of September 23rd on Fringe’s social media!Continue reading “Teen Zines with Colleen!”

The Story of a Sinking Man

The Story of a Sinking Man (listen on Bandcamp!) by Morris Panych Produced by Kick At The Dark Theatre Co-operative ( Featuring Andrew Chandler Directed, Recorded and Edited by Dorian Lang Original stage management by Olivia Rankin Image design by Colleen MacIsaac PWYC (suggested $10).   Nash’s life hasn’t amounted to much. Or so he discovers,Continue reading “The Story of a Sinking Man”

A Tale on Two Wheels

A Tale on Two Wheels is a free, outdoor performance for kids and families delivered by tandem bike around Halifax. Come and join the adventure of two slightly lost postal workers, a giant monarch butterfly, and their mountain of packages. It’s a journey filled with music, whimsy, and fun! Gale Force Theatre is excited toContinue reading “A Tale on Two Wheels”


Alien By Annie Valentina Originally featured in the 2013 Atlantic Fringe Festival in the eMotion Picture Gallery.  Alien is a bittersweet love letter to a culturally fractured upbringing. Join playwright Annie “Anichka” Valentina as she sifts through memories, immigration policies, and slippery versions of self in an effort to find the elusive definition of “home,”Continue reading “Alien”

4:48 Psychosis

4:48 Psychosis By Sarah Kane Presented by Caravan Theatre Directed by Kathy France  Assistant Directed by Zac Comeau  With Rebecca Wolfe & Margaret Muriel Legere Drama/Psychical theatre R: Adult Content, Adult Language 90 MIN 4:48 Psychosis, by radical and influential British playwright Sarah Kane, takes a deep dive into issues of mental health and suicide.Continue reading “4:48 Psychosis”

Anonymous Survey

Thank you for participating in this anonymous survey! To help us improve your experience at our festival, please fill out this feedback form.  We rely on this information to implement new programs, provide useful feedback for staff in performance reviews, and advocate on your behalf. We care about your livelihoods, workloads, craft, and community experience.Continue reading “Anonymous Survey”

Baby Mama WITH MJ

Baby Mama WITH MJ By MJ Baby Mama with MJ features everything you don’t need to know about being the mother of three teenagers, featuring the stand up comedy of MJ Miller.  Check out more MJ on MJ Comedy TV on facebook, Instagram, youtube and NOW Tik Tok! Podcast recording on Bandcamp! All podcast showsContinue reading “Baby Mama WITH MJ”

Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect Presented by The Unnatural Disaster Theatre Company Storytelling/Performance Art/A Choose Your Own Adventure Instagram Play PG: Adult Content, Violence, Adult Language, Loud / Abrupt Noises 30 MIN “The Butterfly Effect is an often misunderstood phenomenon wherein a small change in starting conditions can lead to vastly different outcomes.” This innovative series of threeContinue reading “Butterfly Effect”

Closed Space Feedback Session for BIPOC Communities

Closed Space Feedback Session for BIPOC Communities The Halifax Fringe Festival turns 30 this year. The pandemic has offered us a forced pause on our typical programming and current realities of global outcries against injustice through the leadership of Black Lives Matter, Indigenous Sovereignty, and disability justice movements have further reaffirmed our organizational need toContinue reading “Closed Space Feedback Session for BIPOC Communities”

Closed Space Feedback Session for Deaf and Disabled Communities.

Closed Space Feedback Session for Deaf and Disabled Communities. The Halifax Fringe Festival turns 30 this year. The pandemic has offered us a forced pause on our typical programming and current realities of global outcries against injustice through the leadership of Black Lives Matter, Indigenous Sovereignty, and disability justice movements have further reaffirmed our organizationalContinue reading “Closed Space Feedback Session for Deaf and Disabled Communities.”

Counting to a Hundred

Counting to a Hundred By Michael Lake Originally featured in the 2019 Halifax Fringe Festival in the Neptune Windsor Studio (Michael lost 2 performances to Hurricane Dorian). Counting to a Hundred is a story told in 100 small parts. Part queer history, part personal story, part celebration. Join the room to experience what emerges whenContinue reading “Counting to a Hundred”

Definition of Man

Definition of Man  A sexier, more violent Waiting for Godot, Definition of Man is a physicalized postmodern de-creation myth. Drawing from Kenneth Burke’s essay of the same name, the show investigates the human drive to communicate and the inevitable breakdown that results from the inherent incompleteness of language. The one-act synthesizes personal narratives, academic texts,Continue reading “Definition of Man”


DISPATCH By Annie Valentina & Isa Grant A series of enigmatic texts sends you on a code-cracking trek through a cityscape you thought you knew. Immerse yourself in the cryptic world of DISPATCH: an interactive puzzle adventure with nothing but your cell phone and puzzle-solving skills, and uncover secrets of future and past…or is itContinue reading “DISPATCH”

First Day Back

First Day Back  Written and Performed by Rob Salerno Edited by Anna Rubanova NOMINATED FOR TWO DORA MAVOR MOORE AWARDS – Outstanding New Play and Outstanding Performance Following years of bullying, ninth grader Ollie committed suicide. Now on the first day back at school after the tragedy, his friends and classmates gather to figure outContinue reading “First Day Back”

Grantwriting for the Arts

Grantwriting for the ArtsWith Karen Gross Workshop  All levels welcome 2 hours This workshop will walk participants through what a grantwriting process can look like. We’ll talk about possible sources of funding, how peer jury processes work, timelines, making budgets, writing tips, and support materials. We’ll also talk about navigating red tape and imposter syndrome.Continue reading “Grantwriting for the Arts”


Heavy By Taylor Olson Originally featured in the 2016 Atlantic Fringe Festival, TNS’ The Living Room (now a doggy daycare).  A story about losing 100 pounds in six months, and the journey to self-love. What did it take? A little body-shaming, some eating irregularities, parenthood, stubbornness, vanity, and grief.Podcast recording on Bandcamp! All podcast showsContinue reading “Heavy”

How Often Do I Dream…

How Often Do I Dream… By Kathleen (Katie) Dorian Originally featured in the 2014 Atlantic Fringe Festival, in Plan B (now a scooter and power chair shop). “What happens when our memory fails us? Who do we become when our histories disappear? How Often Do I Dream… navigated those ideas through a multi-sensory performance experience,Continue reading “How Often Do I Dream…”

I Think I’m Dead

I Think I’m Dead By Al Lafrance Originally featured in the 2017 Halifax Fringe Festival, in the old Almon Billiards (now torn down). Al can’t sleep. When his mind drifts off, it creates an endless stream of ideas and projects, each more absurd than the last. When these projects come to life, what will happen?Continue reading “I Think I’m Dead”

My Dead Dad

My Dead Dad By Jane Kansas Originally featured in the 2019 Halifax Fringe Festival, in the old Company House venue (Jane lost 1 performance to Hurricane Dorian). That time Kansas stormed into the Halifax Fringe with that sold-out trolley of tragedy My Funeral: the dry run…was that five years ago, or only four? Whatever! It’sContinue reading “My Dead Dad”

Reimagining Creative Futures

Reimagining Creative Futures With Carmel Farahbakhsh You’re invited to a facilitated conversation about the political roots of Fringe theatre, utilizing creative works as liberatory tools, and creative sector responsibility to act as agents of change in response to current global outcries against injustice. We will discuss ways to move from tokenism to relationships of mutualityContinue reading “Reimagining Creative Futures”

Roller Derby Saved My Soul

Written and performed by Nancy Kenny Directed and dramaturged for the stage by Tania Levy Original sound design by Steven Lafond Sound design and mixing for the audio play by Wes Babcock Throughout this one-woman action-adventure comedy on wheels, Amy, a shy, queer, 30 year old, comic book geek navigates the tough competitive world ofContinue reading “Roller Derby Saved My Soul”


Sarah/Frank By Steven Elliott Jackson A 30-minute audio experience (think radio play meets theatrical sound design) retracing the untold story of a Canadian legend who fought in the American Civil War. Sarah/Frank is a compelling look into the life of Sarah Edmundson who, upon leaving her home in New Brunswick, adopted the identity of FrankContinue reading “Sarah/Frank”

See Bob Run

See Bob Run By Daniel MacIvor  Presented by Two Planks And A Passion theatre In 1992, Two Planks and a Passion presented its first-ever performance at the Fong Theatre on Gottingen Street in Halifax as part of the second annual Atlantic Fringe Festival. Twenty-eight years later, the performer and director from that production have comeContinue reading “See Bob Run”

Short Skirt Butch

Short Skirt Butch By Lee-Anne Poole Short Skirt Butch was first performed at the eMotion picture gallery as a part of the 2011 Atlantic Fringe Festival. Featuring Stephanie MacDonald as Jean and directed by Bryden MacDonald. In Short Skirt Butch, one queer person meets another queer person and fall in love. They are now aContinue reading “Short Skirt Butch”

The Round Table: International Waters Live History

The Round Table: International Waters Live History It’s April 14, 1912. You’re aboard the RMS Carpathia, bound for Fiume attending a birthday dinner with other guests and crew for Julia Cservenka, a stewardess. But when Julia’s treasured broach goes missing and her estranged best friend, Kay, returns, it is up to you to solve theContinue reading “The Round Table: International Waters Live History”

The Space Between

The Space Between By Simeon Taole Originally featured in the 2016 Atlantic Fringe Festival, in Menz Bar. The Space Between has been published, nominated for and won several awards, toured within Canada, and staged Off Broadway in New York City. It is a coming of age meditation on young love through a historical and cross-culturalContinue reading “The Space Between”

Touched By Too Many Angels

Touched By Too Many Angels By Adam Myatt Originally featured in the 2017 Halifax Fringe Festival, in Kazan Theatre’s The Waiting Room (now torn down). The closest thing Adam Myatt ever had to a religious experience was listening to “Drops of Jupiter” on his crackly car stereo. Now he’s dead, and he’s not sure howContinue reading “Touched By Too Many Angels”

About Me

This time last year we lost a battle to a hurricane, so this year nothing can hold us back… Grab your mask and put on some hand sanitizer, Halifax! It’s time for the 30TH ANNUAL 2020 HALIFAX FRINGE FESTIVAL! 🔊 Online and at a social distance! 

Although we’ll miss being snug and cozy as we pile into The Bus Stop Theatre and the studios at Neptune, we’re stoked to be bringing you shows both virtually AND even a few in person (featuring outdoor venues!) 

Stay tuned as we celebrate our 30th year by looking back at some of our favourite Halifax Fringe memories, while also announcing what’s in store for our 2020 line up! 


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