Driftwood Treehouse

A family friendly play written by Aaron LeBlanc. Join James and his brother Will on their treetop adventure with Captain Greybeard as they attempt to break an evil curse and restore their childhood friendship. Featuring Aaron LeBlanc and Jeremy Watkins.

Directed by George Clairmont

By Aaron Richard LeBlanc

Run Time 30 minutes

Cambridge Battery, Point Pleasant Park
(as part of Fringe By The Sea)

  • Sept. 8th – 7pm
  • Sept. 10th – 4pm (CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN 🌧️)
  • Sept. 11th – 3pm & 4pm
  • Sept. 12th – 2pm 

Due to COVID-19 safely and hugely limited capacities they are PRE-SALE ONLY. Some venue capacity is as small as 20 seats. We highly recommend (in fact, we insist) you book early and ideally in bubbles.

Cambridge Battery, Point Pleasant Park
5718 Point Pleasant Drive