A Tale on Two Wheels

A Tale on Two Wheels is a free, outdoor performance for kids and families delivered by tandem bike around Halifax. Come and join the adventure of two slightly lost postal workers, a giant monarch butterfly, and their mountain of packages. It’s a journey filled with music, whimsy, and fun! Gale Force Theatre is excited toContinue reading “A Tale on Two Wheels”

4:48 Psychosis

4:48 Psychosis By Sarah Kane Presented by Caravan Theatre Directed by Kathy France  Assistant Directed by Zac Comeau  With Rebecca Wolfe & Margaret Muriel Legere Drama/Psychical theatre R: Adult Content, Adult Language 90 MIN 4:48 Psychosis, by radical and influential British playwright Sarah Kane, takes a deep dive into issues of mental health and suicide.Continue reading “4:48 Psychosis”

Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect Presented by The Unnatural Disaster Theatre Company Storytelling/Performance Art/A Choose Your Own Adventure Instagram Play PG: Adult Content, Violence, Adult Language, Loud / Abrupt Noises 30 MIN “The Butterfly Effect is an often misunderstood phenomenon wherein a small change in starting conditions can lead to vastly different outcomes.” This innovative series of threeContinue reading “Butterfly Effect”

Hello City and 30 years of Fringe Shows!

Hello City and 30 years of Fringe Shows! 🎭 Fringe By The Sea 🌊🌊🌊 With generous support from Shakespeare By The Sea, Hello City is moving socially distant – OUTSIDE – into Point Pleasant Park’s Cambridge Battery! To celebrate 30 years of the Halifax Fringe Festival, Hello City will be using past Fringe show blurbsContinue reading “Hello City and 30 years of Fringe Shows!”