Teen Zines with Colleen!

What is a zine? Short for ‘magazine’, zines are a great way to express yourself! Learn how to make two different kinds of tiny books with simple materials, to use for comics, stories, poems, art, collages – anything you can think of! Colleen’s video will be available as of September 23rd on Fringe’s social media!Continue reading “Teen Zines with Colleen!”

A Tale on Two Wheels

A Tale on Two Wheels is a free, outdoor performance for kids and families delivered by tandem bike around Halifax. Come and join the adventure of two slightly lost postal workers, a giant monarch butterfly, and their mountain of packages. It’s a journey filled with music, whimsy, and fun! Gale Force Theatre is excited toContinue reading “A Tale on Two Wheels”

Build Your Own Shadow Theatre & Puppets!

Build Your Own Shadow Theatre & Puppets! With Theatre du Poulet / Roland Chun Shing Au Are you eager to go back to the theatre to watch some performance? Why not build one by yourselves at home and create a show with your family? Or have a totally new alternative and fun way to hearContinue reading “Build Your Own Shadow Theatre & Puppets!”

Drag Queen Face Painting for Kids! With Rouge Fatale!

Drag Queen Face Painting for Kids! With Rouge Fatale!  Are you looking for fun things to do while we stay safe and cozy inside? Tune in with your little one to get a fun face painting tutorial from the best! Rouge will take us through a few fun DIY looks (think rainbows, cat eyes, andContinue reading “Drag Queen Face Painting for Kids! With Rouge Fatale!”

Mask Making with Things at Home!

Mask Making with Things at Home! With Theatre du Poulet / Roland Chun Shing Au Have you ever thought of how you can make a fabulous mask from the things at your home? By using  plastic containers from the grocery store, aluminum foil from the kitchen, newspapers, and some easy tools at home, you canContinue reading “Mask Making with Things at Home!”

Reel Teens Media Art Camp

Reel Teens Media Art Camp With Tara Taylor The Reel Teens Media Art Camp will teach youth about the art and practice of storytelling through video, thus producing short 1-2 min videos documenting their livelihoods. They will use their cell phones to enable them to create their own video with a group of their peersContinue reading “Reel Teens Media Art Camp”