Teen Zines with Colleen!

What is a zine? Short for ‘magazine’, zines are a great way to express yourself! Learn how to make two different kinds of tiny books with simple materials, to use for comics, stories, poems, art, collages – anything you can think of!

Colleen’s video will be available as of September 23rd on Fringe’s social media! Tune in anytime to follow along and make your own Zine!

Supplies needed: scissors, computer paper, pencils or pens, and an elastic or two

About your facilitator: Colleen MacIsaac lives in K’jipuktuk/Halifax and makes small zines, comics, illustrations, theatre, and other stuff. A graduate of Emily Carr University, Colleen has been a finalist for the Gene Day Award for Self-Publishing and the Expozine Alternative Press Award, and a recipient of the Helen Hill Animated Award and the Halifax Mayor’s Award for Emerging Theatre Artist. Colleen draws every day @quietprocess, and you can see more of their work at littlefoible.net

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