Short Skirt Butch

Short Skirt Butch

By Lee-Anne Poole

Short Skirt Butch was first performed at the eMotion picture gallery as a part of the 2011 Atlantic Fringe Festival. Featuring Stephanie MacDonald as Jean and directed by Bryden MacDonald.

In Short Skirt Butch, one queer person meets another queer person and fall in love. They are now a queer couple. This couple meets a third queer person and falls for them! Our queer couple is now a triad. But the honeymoon is over—they fall out of love, lust, and all that goes with it. The queer triad goes back to being a queer couple, leaving our third queer brokenhearted times two. Short Skirt Butch, by Lee-Anne Poole, follows Jean, the brokenhearted young queer, post break-up in a one-person show that explores the concepts of “femme,” sexual identity, sexual polyamory and heartbreak… going a little crazy with heartbreak! “Top 10 Shows of 2011” —The Coast

Podcast recording on Bandcamp! All podcast shows launch on September 4th. Bandcamp waives their revenue on September 4 to help support artists during COVID-19. We encourage you to check out these celebrations of Fringe Festivals past knowing that your purchase goes directly to the artists.

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