Mask Making with Things at Home!

Mask Making with Things at Home!

With Theatre du Poulet / Roland Chun Shing Au

Have you ever thought of how you can make a fabulous mask from the things at your home? By using  plastic containers from the grocery store, aluminum foil from the kitchen, newspapers, and some easy tools at home, you can collaborate those materials into a new thing! It is a very low-cost and eco-friendly way to create your favourite face.

Supplies Needed: 

– Newspaper

– Plastic container from the grocery store

– Tinfoil

– White glue + container (For papier mache, can use a plastic container from the grocery store)

– Glue gun + glue sticks

– Scissors

– Rope

– Acrylic / Paint + brushes (optional)

– Any accessories for decoration (optional) 

Roland Chun Shing Au is the Artistic Director of Theatre du Poulet (TDP) [], which he founded in 2016 with his wife, Carmen Lee. He graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) major in Acting in 2012. He has been an innovator in cardboard sculpture and engineering since 2016.

He has performed internationally in Hong Kong (where he directed HOME.SICK), Macau, China (The 9th Chinese Drama Festival), and Ireland (Galway International Arts Festival 2014 & The Macnas Street Performance 2014 ), before settling in Canada. In 2017, he worked as a production assistant and puppet creator for Two Planks and a Passion in Nova Scotia. He has also completed the Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia’s animotion puppetry intensive, the puppetry workshop (Object Theatre) by Doc. Mgr. Marek Bečcka (Prague), and character mask and movement training in Familie Flöz Summer Academy (Berlin).

Free, On Facebook, September 22nd

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