How Often Do I Dream…

How Often Do I Dream…

By Kathleen (Katie) Dorian

Originally featured in the 2014 Atlantic Fringe Festival, in Plan B (now a scooter and power chair shop).

“What happens when our memory fails us? Who do we become when our histories disappear? How Often Do I Dream… navigated those ideas through a multi-sensory performance experience, exploring how memory functions, how it collapses, and what we become when our memory begins to fade. Katie Dorian, storytelling guide, revisits a show she performed hundreds of times but never wrote down—and four years after its last performance, it is ever-changing. First performed in the Halifax Fringe 2014, the 2020 version is something like a dream of the original. stories by Kathleen (Katie) Dorian.

original show directed by Alexis Milligan

sound mixing and composition by Matthew Amyotte

original show stage managed by Gina Thornhill

ending song “You Can Call Me Al” by Paul Simon. 

Podcast recording on Bandcamp! All podcast shows launch on September 4th. Bandcamp waives their revenue on September 4 to help support artists during COVID-19. We encourage you to check out these celebrations of Fringe Festivals past knowing that your purchase goes directly to the artists. All ticket sales are being donated to the Brain Tumour Foundation on behalf of Matt Amyotte.  

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