By Annie Valentina & Isa Grant

A series of enigmatic texts sends you on a code-cracking trek through a cityscape you thought you knew. Immerse yourself in the cryptic world of DISPATCH: an interactive puzzle adventure with nothing but your cell phone and puzzle-solving skills, and uncover secrets of future and past…or is it the past of a future?

This unique outdoor experience, escape room mystery-meets-scavenger hunt, is designed for all ages (11+ recommended), individuals, or small groups (2-4 recommended). Play competitively for time (can you finish in less than two hours?), or casually for a fun day of wandering urban K’jipuktuk.

Dates: September 11th – 27th

Hours: 10am – 4pm daily, start anytime

Rates: Pay What You Want! Recommended $5 per member of your party.

Drama, Storytelling, Science Fiction, Game, an interactive puzzle adventure!

The walking route starts in a “secret location” downtown and takes audiences through the city, ending in a “secret location” in the north end. You will need a smartphone. 

Get your tickets now at Ticket Halifax!

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