Closed Space Feedback Session for Deaf and Disabled Communities.

Closed Space Feedback Session for Deaf and Disabled Communities.

The Halifax Fringe Festival turns 30 this year. The pandemic has offered us a forced pause on our typical programming and current realities of global outcries against injustice through the leadership of Black Lives Matter, Indigenous Sovereignty, and disability justice movements have further reaffirmed our organizational need to grow and welcome structural change. 

We want to critically look at our history, thoughtfully take stock in our actions, and make tangible commitments towards a stronger, more representative, and further inclusionary Fringe community and local creative sector.  

We especially want to make sure that we include the perspectives of deaf and disabled artists and BIPOC artists in the shaping of that future. If you are a theatre/performance artist, identify as a member of these communities and wish to participate in these feedback sessions, please register in advance to the session you’d like to attend. There are a limited number of spaces in each Zoom meeting. Each participant will be paid $75 for their time and feedback. Each closed space session will have a facilitator belonging to their community and not affiliated with The Halifax Fringe.  

Closed Space Feedback Session for deaf and disabled artists Facilitated By: Paul Power. Paul David Power has spent the past 20 years working as a writer, actor, director and communications professional in various mediums and for diverse organizations – including dramatic script for the stage. His formal training includes holding a BA in English with a concentration in theatre and a BAA in Journalism.  Paul has a long history in raising awareness and understanding about disability issues through his work as a playwright, columnist, director and actor.

Tuesday September 29th 5pm to 6:30pm

To register email

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