4:48 Psychosis

4:48 Psychosis

By Sarah Kane

Presented by Caravan Theatre

Directed by Kathy France 

Assistant Directed by Zac Comeau 

With Rebecca Wolfe & Margaret Muriel Legere

Drama/Psychical theatre

R: Adult Content, Adult Language

90 MIN

4:48 Psychosis, by radical and influential British playwright Sarah Kane, takes a deep dive into issues of mental health and suicide. Lyrical and raw, grim yet humourous, the play beautifully expresses ugly truths: isolation, stigma, and the longing for self-esteem and community understanding.

Following each performance, audience members are invited to join the cast and our community wellness partners who will facilitate a post-show conversation addressing issues of mental health, identity, and inclusion. This event (performance and conversation) runs 90 minutes without an intermission.

COVID SAFETY MEASURES: Caravan Theatre is looking forward to bringing you live theatre, safely. Upon booking your ticket, you will receive an email from our company. This email will outline our protocols, assign you and your companions a zone, and allow you to choose an arrival and departure time for staggered entrances and exits. Zones can seat up to ten people. Audience members are encouraged to bring lawn chairs/ folding chairs/picnic blankets. Please contact Caravan Theatre if you need assistance with seating. Audience members are required to wear masks when entering and leaving zones. The team will be present with hand sanitizer and extra masks, and available to address any concerns that come up. 

Dartmouth Common

PWYW tickets on Ticket Halifax

September 24th, 6:30PM 

September 25th, 6:30PM 

September 26th, 6:30PM 

September 27th, 6:30PM

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