Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect

Presented by The Unnatural Disaster Theatre Company

Storytelling/Performance Art/A Choose Your Own Adventure Instagram Play

PG: Adult Content, Violence, Adult Language, Loud / Abrupt Noises

30 MIN

“The Butterfly Effect is an often misunderstood phenomenon wherein a small change in starting conditions can lead to vastly different outcomes.”

This innovative series of three short plays unfold through an Instagram story, where the online audience is able to interact with and make a multitude of decisions for the protagonists, in a real-life Choose Your Own Adventure story. Each chapter will focus on a different facet of the current climate catastrophe and will have countless outcomes— depending on the choices made by the audience.

Featuring familiar faces, dazzling locations, and technological twists, The Butterfly Effect is a humourous, dark, and compelling look at how the seemingly menial choices we make every day can have inconceivable consequences.
Location Info: Sept 19th Online (with the show taking place all around Halifax).

Folks will be able to watch the story unfold over the Unnatural Disaster Instagram page (@unnaturaldisastertheatre)

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