2019 Festival Awards

From audience surveys, to online polls, to juried competitions, we have announced the winners! Last night we gathered to honour the best of the fest. 

Hot Ticket Awards are the shows who sold the most tickets before the festival opened. They are awarded to one show from each festival venue, as well as the BYOV with the highest pre-sales. And the HOT TICKET AWARDS GO TO… 

Take a trip back in time! The Hot Ticket Award for the BYOV show with the highest pre-sales is the 1930s big top nightmare, Rogue by Breaking Circus!

At some point in every person’s life, they’ve got to decide: will I be ordinary or magical? In that spirit, the Hot Ticket Award for the Neptune Theatre Imperial Studio is Stick or Wizard

To flush or to have funeral — an eternal dilemma of the fish-owner. The Hot Ticket Award for the Neptune Theatre Windsor Studio is Fish Tank, presented by Jocelyn LeBlanc!

Take your dose of Ataraxia! The Hot Ticket Award for 2202 Gottingen Street is the dystopian Safe by Israel Ekanem!

The Hot Ticket Award for the Bus Stop Theatre Co-op is Monster, presented by Julia Schultz and Taylor Olson. 

Our largest venue in the festival is Neptune Theatre’s Scotiabank Stage. The Hot Ticket winner this year is Charlie Caper – Robotricks!

Fringe Hits are the shows that have sold the most tickets in their respective venues. They have performed to sold out crowds and jam-packed rooms, all the while covered in sweat. Fringe Hits get more than just bragging rights — each hit is given one extra performance, if they so choose to take it, at no extra cost, for one last chance to sell out! 


The winner of the Fringe Hit for highest selling BYOV show is ROGUE

The winner of the Fringe Hit for highest selling show in the Imperial Studio is Stick Of Wizard. Added performance is Sunday, September 9th at 10:45PM

The winner of the Fringe Hit at 2202 Gottingen Street is El Diablo Of The Cards

Added performance is Sunday, September 9th at 10:00PM

The winner of the Fringe Hit at the Windsor Studio is Fish Tank

Added performance is Sunday, September 9th at 11:10PM

The winner of this Fringe Hit at The Bus Stop Theatre is Giant Killer Shark

Added performance is Sunday, September 9th at 11:45PM

Our largest venue in the festival is Neptune Theatre’s Scotiabank Stage. The winner of this Fringe Hit is 10 Things I Hate about Taming of The Shrew!

Added performance is Sunday, September 9th at 10:45PM

Fringe is an excellent opportunity to explore new avenues of creation. We are proud to introduce a New Script competition this year. 19 scripts later, and we found a winner. It took some deciphering, but this year’s Best New Script Award goes to Crypthand by Lily Falk! 

All through the festival, audience members have been given ballots to vote on their favourite shows. We’ve tallied them up — here are the Audience Ballot winners!

It took a lot of shuffling around to come up with this one, but the winner of Outstanding Dance Show for 2019 is Flourish

This show left audiences in stitches. The winner for Outstanding Comedy for 2019 is Lords of Fogtown

The winner for Outstanding Drama for 2019 is Monster

Take a trip to the big top at this year’s Fringe! The winner of Outstanding Circus Show for 2019 is World at our Feet

It can take a strong creative eye to focus the energy of a fringe show. The winner of Outstanding Direction for 2019 is World at our Feet

Outstanding production is one of the Fringe crowning achievements. This award is determined by audience ballot and guarantees a slot in the 2020 Halifax Fringe Festival, as well as 100% of your registration fees covered! The winner of Outstanding Production is Robotricks

Fringe can be like 11 days of pre-planned dates! The award for Best First Date Show goes to Tingles

The Winner of the Fringiest Fringe Show is Kind of the Goats

We’ve taken to the wild, untamed world of ~~~cyberspace~~~ for these awards. Audiences have been voting online for these categories — we got over 200 votes in the first afternoon alone!

For Outstanding Performer in a Supporting Role, the winner is Hello City

It may take a village to raise a child, but one person can entertain a city full of people. The winner for Best Solo show is Monster

Our next award is sponsored by Sky Talent. The people have spoken, and the Outstanding Performer in a Lead Role goes to Taylor Olson in Monster 

We are pleased to announce Eastern Front Theatre’s UPStage Award. This production, chosen by current EFT Artistic Producer Sam Rosenthal, will receive a featured spot in the festival and a fee of up to $5000. Subscribe to Halifax Fringe Festival and Eastern Front Theatre on social media, the winner will be announced on September 15th. 

As Fringers, we have a special place in our hearts for the underdogs in our festival. We’d like to take time to shout out some of our festival underdogs this year. 

Our first underdog is a fringe veteran Bud Hunter, with Don’t Tell Me What to Do. Don’t Tell Me What To Do plays at the Neptune Imperial Studio on Saturday, September 7th at 11:45 AM and 5:15 PM. 

Our next underdog show has only one performance! HAVE YOU GOT A BETTER IDEA?! by Zak Greenberg premieres and closes tomorrow at the Bus Stop Theatre at 9:30 PM. 

Our last underdog is a latecomer to the festival. He arrives tomorrow and has two shows in the Neptune Windsor Studio. Catch Your Thoughts and Prayers by J. R. Teeter at 1:15 PM and 8:15 PM.  

Halifax Fringe couldn’t exist without our volunteers. They’ve been your ushers, your box office, and the hosts in your hallways. They’ve also been forming opinions about your shows!

Our volunteers have been voting on their favourite shows at this year’s festival. This year, the Volunteer’s Pick goes to El Diablo of the Cards

Our 2018 total box office was just over $40,000. This year our box office is over $60,000 so far! “All of us here at Neptune have been absolutely thrilled with the Halifax Fringe Festival success this year so far,” says Neptune’s AD Jeremy Webb. “To see such an upswing in ticket sales and to feel the positive buzz around the Festival is very encouraging. I was determined to see the Festival back at Neptune after a hiatus. It’s one of the ways Neptune is offering support to emerging artists and to the creation of work here in Halifax. Our staff have really entered into the Fringe vibe and I am grateful to them all.” – Jeremy Webb, Neptune Theatre Artistic Director

Fringe Sell Outs! These shows have been selling out

Counting to a Hundred

Fish Tank 

Flourish: Seeds & Needs

Giant Killer Shark

Great Kettle for the People

Lords of Fog Town

M: The Berlin Murders


Mike Malloy, Kid Detective

Mind Games


My Dead Dad




Some Guy From the Internet

Stick or Wizard


Walking while black in Moscow

Worry Duck

From all of us here at Halifax Fringe, and our friends at Neptune Theatre, we want to thank you for your brilliance, your courage, and your willingness to share the most vulnerable parts of yourself with us. Let’s make this closing weekend the best of we’ve ever had! 

THE STORM PSA: Fringe only comes once a year, and we’re excited to get in all the theatre we can get this weekend! Most importantly, we want people to stay safe. So, our policy is that if Metro Transit is running – we’re open for business. If Metro Transit takes their busses off the road – we’ll be cancelling shows and refunding those ticket holder affected.

Each show may make their own arrangement, and we’ll be keeping the website and Ticket Halifax up to date with whatever info we have as well as all of our social media accounts.

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