Bubble Trans Pride


Bubble Trans Pride

by Hanlon McGregor and Syrus Marcus Ware


45 min


Older Teen and Adult Content (Sexual Content)



Part 1 What happens when you are a political activist and you end up dating a transphobic gatekeeper? What happens when you are transitioning and you maybe are too much of one thing and too little of another in the eyes of the worldand you are denied entry to spaces you thought would be open to you? For Tyler, a BLM member and a trans man, Pride can have its challenges as well as its celebrations. “What do we want? Bubble trans pride! When do we want it? BUBBLE NOW!”


Part 2 Holding Hands with the Awkwardthe short film. Tyler’s dead name is shouted at the pharmacy *SHOCKER* and Dan outs his husband as bi—these trans men have each other’s back as they try to make friends with the awkward!


The Old Company Theatre, 2202 Gottingen St


Friday August 31st 10pm

Saturday September 1st 2pm

Sunday September 2nd 11:45am

Monday September 3rd 4:45pm

Tuesday September 4th 7:40pm

Thursday September 6th 9:10pm

Saturday September 8th 8pm

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