The Ghost Project

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 11.48.03 AM

The Ghost Project

by Karie Richards

70 min


Parental Guidance


Developed with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council, The Ghost Project presents a series of monologues by solo performer Karie Richards, drawing from verbatim interviews to question the existence of departed souls in our midst. Offering sympathetic portraits of eleven different people who share their sometimes unsettling, frequently funny, often poignant, yet always mysterious, experiences, this debut production invites the audience into an ever-expanding and engaging conversation about life, and what may come after. Wondrous and searching, The Ghost Project asks, “When a person dies does it really mean they no longer exist?” “I still have chills… a wonderful verbatim work!” audience member, staged reading for Day of the Dead in Tepoztlan, Mexico. “…nothing short of stupendous.” Five-star review in the Winnipeg Free Press for Karie Richards’ previous Fringe show, Birdy.

The Old Company Theatre, 2202 Gottingen Street

Thursday August 30th 7pm

Friday August 31st 5:30pm

Saturday September 1st 11am

Sunday September 2nd 4pm

Monday September 3rd 10:30pm

Tuesday September 4th 6pm

Wednesday September 5th 8:30pm

Thursday September 6th 7:30pm

Friday September 7th 5:30pm

Sunday September 9th 1pm

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