by Mark Leiren-Young

70 min




Shylock…villain, victim, clown, caricature, ahead of his time or simply of his time. The role has been shaped and interpreted through the lens of each generation’s prevailing attitudes towards race, religion and human nature. The play is a sharply humorous exploration of the way we think (or don’t) about the purpose and responsibility of art in society. “Art is about truth. If theatre is still supposed to be an art and not simply an entertainment, then it’s about truth.” Actor Lee J. Campbell plays an actor playing Shylock who invites the audience into that experience by posing the the inevitable question, “what is truth?” And, particularly, “what is truth when everyone is convinced they know the answer?”

The Waiting Room, 6040 Almon Street

Friday August 31st 10pm

Saturday September 1st 3:40pm

Monday September 3rd 7pm

Wednesday September 5th 7pm

Friday September 7th 9pm

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