Trojan Horseplay

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 11.12.58 PM.png

Trojan Horseplay

by Zachery Craig, Lewis Coverdale, & Nile Whidden


50 min


For All Ages



O, if Odysseus only knew! A re-imagining of Homer’s The Iliad, The UnRoyal Stage Company twists the classic tale to their own humour. When Odysseus learns that the Trojan war will stretch nine years and eleven months too long he take matters into his own hands and attempts to end it in one day. In equal parts making fun of and paying homage to Greek Theatre, come be a part of our history with UnRoyal’s debut Fringe production.


Plan B Co-op, 2180 Gottingen Street


Friday August 31st 7pm

Saturday September 1st 2:30pm

Monday September 3rd 2:30pm

Thursday September 6th 8:30pm

Saturday September 8th 4:00pm

Sunday September 9th 3:30pm

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