Wicked Fountain of Youth

Wicked Fountain of Youth.jpeg

Wicked Fountain of Youth

by Veronica Steele

60 min


PG13, no nudity, mature themes


Winner of Best Original Script for Veronica Steele and Best Actress for Charlotte Weeks at the London One Act Festival 2017. In this coming-of-age story a 17-year-old reflects on the effects of her mother’s teen pregnancy and alcohol use and what it means for her own future.

The Waiting Room, 6040 Almon Street

Thursday August 30th 9:40pm

Friday August 31st 7:10pm

Saturday September 1st 12:45pm

Sunday September 2nd 8pm

Monday September 3rd 2:40pm

Tuesday September 4th 8:10pm

Thursday September 6th 7pm

Friday September 7th 6pm

Saturday September 8th 11am & 10pm

Sunday September 9th 12:30pm

"Wicked Fountain of Youth at Halifax Fringe Festival 2018" on YouTube

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